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Get ready to take business efficiency and productivity to the next level with business consulting!

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As business consultants, Konnen Consulting will help identify potential inefficiencies and suggest ways to improve the business process by looking at available resources, operations, customer value, and business objectives.
The business consultation will involve our consultants gathering data and analyzing your current business processes, then guiding you to help optimize them. We will make recommendations based on best practice standards, helping you to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. This process can also result in cost savings over time by eliminating errors in business processes that could have caused costly mistakes in the past or avoided altogether.
You’ll be able to create a business environment that is more efficient and productive for your business, clients, and end users. We focus on managing the change process on both the individual and corporate levels to ensure a smooth transition into a more efficient process.

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Your business could lose time and money due to a flawed business process. The fact that around 50% of organizational change projects fail shows how important it is for managers and corporate leaders to have the ability to organize, plan, and implement change.
Businesses must continually alter and adapt to address a range of issues, including changes in technology, the emergence of new competitors, changes in laws and regulations, or shifting economic patterns.
Our business consultants are seasoned leaders and strategists who put the needs of their clients first. We understand that change can be frustrating for employees, customers, and the company as a whole. Konnen Consulting is here to support and guide your company through the challenges of implementing new techniques to move your business forward.
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Focusing on business integrity, we created our HIRE (Humanity, Integrity, Responsive, Efficient) process to ensure overall effectiveness throughout all of our services. Additionally, we have a vast network of professionals, businesses, and cloud-based solutions to ensure connections and pertinent information to help your business swiftly and efficiently move in the right direction – forward.

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Identifying, analyzing, and improving existing business processes to optimize performance, meet best practice standards, and improve the overall quality of the user experience for customers and end-users. Using the tried-and-true Six Sigma background, we customize our process for your company. Our toolbox includes DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control), DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, and verify) as well as Cause & Effect Analysis, SIPOC Analysis, VSP (value stream mapping), and Process Mapping.

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Evolving and adapting to challenges in changes in technology to new competitors to shifting laws, regulations, or economic trends is a must to keep a business from becoming stagnant or potentially failing altogether. We are here to help! We start by preparing your entire company, from a team to an individual level, for the upcoming changes. Then we craft a company-specific POA for change, including strategic goals, key performance indicators, project stakeholders and team, and project scope. We will walk you through the change process and ensure the new process is embedded within your company culture and practices to ensure these changes are maintained. And lastly, we review the progress and analyze the results.

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Project and program planning, management, improvement, and training are navigated as we support your team(s) through the launch and execution to ensure successful improvements in efficiency, client/employee satisfaction, and ROI. We conduct business and risk analysis to identify any potential problems and rescue any troubled initiatives. Through training and team building, we support you through the entire process.

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We assist you in understanding, implementing, and improving LMS (learning management systems), ensuring the best KM (knowledge management) of gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing your organization's knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills. Through our strategic partnerships with several LMSs, we will be the guide to the best fit for you, tailoring our support based on your organization's training strategy and goals.


Growing pains are unnecessary if you have the right process plans in place. We help identify potential growth areas, create strategies to keep growth goals on track, and aid in the growth management process.

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We conduct QA (Quality Analysis) and STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) management to ensure your software quality goals are met. Beyond testing for proper software integration and user experience, we check for breaks or issues before launching, so potential problems are assessed and fixed beforehand to ensure seamless software integration. And continuing to support you and manage the software through the entire lifecycle process.

From systems integrations to people and processes, we train and create tutorials to acquaint your new users with your product and are a constantly available support system until they are comfortable with the product and beyond. Whether you’re a smaller company with employees fulfilling multiple roles or a larger company with an increased volume of implementation projects we are here to manage and make all of your onboarding and implementation needs are streamlined and successful.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that helps businesses identify, track, manage, and interact with customers to foster interpersonal relationships and instigate business growth. No matter your industry, we will assess which type of CRM software is best for you and help support you through the adoption process as well as scalability to support your expanding business needs.
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