Consulting Success Community Raises $10K For Lifewater Charity

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Dear Community,

We are excited to share some big news today.

Thanks to our incredible Consulting Success community (that’s you folks!), we recently raised nearly $10,000 for Lifewater Charity during a consulting training and bootcamp we put on.

Lifewater Charity is dedicated to providing healthy drinking water to people around the world in need.

They’re recognized as a top 10 impact charity with a flawless track record:

This effort connects to one of our key company values that ‘Health is Wealth’ — and our commitment to not only help entrepreneurial consultants build their dream business but to leave a positive imprint on the world together.

Your contributions helped the charity build two wells at the following schools in Africa:

  • Wambi Primary School: 420 students used this well for their water and the only other source was 30 minutes away, which would be a tiring trek for the kids to make before their classes started.
  • St. George Wuok Primary School: This school has 600 students who rely on the hand pump on the school grounds. When it breaks down, students are responsible for bringing their own water to class, which can mean many miss school time. A repaired pump doesn’t just mean clean water, but also relieves the stress of finding water in the morning, and keeps students in classes.

Lifewater Charity’s vision of a Healthy Village isn’t just about providing safe water; it’s about understanding the crucial roles of sanitation and hygiene in resolving the global water crisis. When all three are addressed, the results are transformative: waterborne diseases become almost nonexistent — and it saves lives.

At Consulting Success, we view ourselves as international citizens and look for ways to create and leave a lasting impact around the world.

The rich tapestry of languages, cultures, and experiences makes our community the vibrant mosaic it is.

Our commitment to supporting people of all backgrounds aligns seamlessly with Lifewater’s vision. When we learned about their holistic approach, we felt a deep resonance with our core belief that prioritizing health is the cornerstone to prosperity.

We’d like to express my deepest gratitude to our community.

Your unwavering support and generosity have made this collaboration possible. As we celebrate our journey across cultures, languages, and experiences, we’re reminded that our worldwide perspective isn’t just about exploration — it’s about connection, understanding, and making a real difference.

This contribution to Lifewater Charity underscores our shared belief in the bond of health, wellness, and community.

Let’s continue to champion these values and create a world where everyone thrives.

With gratitude,

Michael Zipursky
CEO, Consulting Success®

And if you’d like to donate to Lifewater Charity, please do so through their donations page.

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