The Future Of AI In Consulting

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A lot of people are scared about what AI will do to their jobs and how it will impact the future.

My belief is that it will have a profound impact on certain aspects of life and work, and consulting and consultants will be part of that.

This isn’t something to be scared of or to put your head in the sand – it’s an opportunity if you are prepared.

So how will this impact consultants?

The relationship between you and your client can’t be replaced by a tool.

According to HBR, 44.6% of business and financial operations occupations, 39.9% of management occupations, and 33.2% of sales occupations will be impacted by AI.

There’s no doubt that some aspects of what a consultant does today will no longer be as valuable or required by the client.

For example, parts of market research and data analysis will be done with AI tools.

However, there are a number of areas where AI will not replace the consultant, and therefore present opportunities.

For example, the relationship between you and your client can’t be replaced by a tool.

The feeling of trust between you and the client, them opening up to you and sharing their biggest concerns both professionally and personally – this can’t be replicated by AI.

Additionally, although AI tools will help you quickly surface and access current and past information, they are unlikely to provide the level of deep analysis filled with context and perspective that comes from human interactions.

A consultant may have several conversations at a conference or through their work with a series of executives. The information from those conversations provides them with unique insights and valuable information to help their clients make better real-time decisions. AI can’t do that.

AI can help to automate and streamline high-level and less personal communications.

But a CEO isn’t spending all their time on LinkedIn or personally going through hundreds of emails every day, which means an AI tool isn’t going to solve the marketing and business development that a skilled consultant or business development person will do.

History shows that when something becomes commonplace and adopted by the masses, it becomes less valuable. Essentially becoming a commodity.

That presents an opportunity for the real specialist and expert who can provide deep expertise, is skilled at developing relationships, and knows how to solve the toughest problems that AI or technology cannot solve.

These people will continue to be rewarded at the highest level with premium fees and capture the lion’s share of demand.

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