Best Consulting Courses In 2024 (For B2B Consultants)

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What are the best consulting courses for B2B consultants?

In this article, we’ll share our list of the best courses for consultants.

Whether you want to learn how to start and grow your consulting business — or down to the nitty-gritty of how to design a consulting website that helps you attract more clients — this list will have something to help you.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

(And if you’ve taken a consulting course that was a game-changer for your business, we want to know! Leave a comment if we missed any on our list. We will continue to add more courses.)

Table Of Contents: Best Consulting Courses

  1. Clarity Coaching Program
  2. Momentum Consulting Course
  3. Consulting Website Template Kit
  4. Strategy U
  5. Hourly Billing Is Nuts
  6. Writing Habits Course
  7. Built To Sell
  8. Trusted-Based Selling
  9. Building Your Clients For Life
  10. Create a Portfolio that Shows Your Value and Wins You Clients
  11. Management Consulting Specialization
  12. The Most Effective Way to Sell Coaching/Consulting Services

What Is A Consulting Course?

By “consulting course” we’re referring to courses that are designed to help entrepreneurial consultants start, grow, or scale their consulting business.

We DON’T mean courses that just teach the “craft” of consulting — although there are some of those listed below as well.

The courses listed below will help you become better at the business of consulting: building a business based on marketing and selling your expertise.

If you’re not a subject matter expert, focus on that before starting a consulting business.

However, if you are a subject matter expert — and you want to build a business based on your expertise — the courses below will help you do exactly that.

Below are the highest-rated and most popular courses we’ve found for B2B consultants.

Clarity Course

The Clarity Coaching Program is a B2B coaching program for entrepreneurial consultants. For over a decade, the program, framework, and community have been helping consultants develop an optimized business model with clear messaging, premium fees, and a marketing system that generates ideal clients consistently.

Unique Differentiator: The Clarity Coaching Program was built specifically for B2B consultants, by B2B consultants. The program, coaching, and framework are focused on helping consultants build more profitable, scalable, and strategic consulting businesses.

Investment: 4-figure investment for serious consultants

Client Results

“I had always thought to myself if I were to start over again with my business I would get some advice or coaching. Then I realized that I was not reaching my full potential and was really just limping along with 1-2 weak prospects in my pipeline at any given time. Within 6 weeks of working with the Consulting Success® team, my pipeline was full and the first new clients were in place. Most importantly I have learned to focus more on the unique value I can deliver and that has increased my own sense of satisfaction with what I do. Not knowing Michael or the Consulting Success® team I thought it was a risk to invest 5 figures in coaching, now I view it not as a risk but a necessity.”

-Scott Wagers, Founder of BioSci Consulting

“I’m excited to share another win today! After persistent follow up, I just finished signing up another consulting client which is my 7th client so far since working closely with Michael, Sam, and the Consulting Success® team. Of course, I still have a long way to go but revenue is coming in, people are saying yes to my offers and I’m so much more clear on my business model including my pricing, packages, marketing strategy, sales process, and so much more.”

-Sarah Borders, Founder of Benefits Compliance Solutions

“I joined the Clarity Coaching program 2 weeks ago and have been working through my strategic offer and “Revenue Roadmap Program” with Michael. I met with a couple CEOs and both asked for a proposal on a next stage of work. Within 3 days I had a confirmed project that was for $55k and a verbal yes on another for $33.5k. I am now a fully committed Strategic Offer zealot. Sam pointed out that this was a very good return on my Consulting Success® investment – I agree. Thank you guys for the feedback so far – let’s all keep the momentum rolling!”

-Doug Nelson, CEO of The Discovery Group

Learn more about Clarity Coaching Program.

Momentum Course

The Momentum Consulting Course is a self-paced course: your step-by-step system for starting and growing your consulting business. Consisting of over 51 video trainings, a 30-day written implementation guide, monthly Q&A workshops, and more, Momentum is perfect for people interested in starting a consulting business or who have just gotten started.

Unique Differentiator: Momentum is based on what has worked for us in our own consulting businesses. That’s why it comes with a 25-day “Results in 25 Days Or It’s Free” Guarantee.

Investment: $1995

Client Results

“I found the Momentum course great, and I’ve only gone through part of it so far. The thing I needed most, was help with generating quotes for projects. I had multiple new prospective consulting clients and I used the lessons from your course to generate effective quotes that helped seal several short and long-term consulting contracts generating over $40,000 in new and ongoing consulting work!”

-Jason Cutter, Founder @ CEO of Cutter Consulting Group

I highly recommend Momentum for new consultants. I have worked at corporations for nearly 15-years and decided to make the leap and become a consultant recently. After a few months, I realized that while I have spent years helping my employers achieve success, I did not have the proper systems in place for myself. Momentum helped me to identify missteps I was making all while getting into the mindset of an elite consultant.”

-Amber Laws, Principal of Marji Media

“The Momentum program helped me refine my magnetic message which helped to get responses from ideal clients and secured my first contract as a result. The program is really well structured and easy to work through. I really appreciate the straightforward, no BS approach to the material! I’m ready to scale, and I’ve now moved into the Clarity Coaching program to get custom help and really improve my systems, optimize offers and pricing, and set up an action plan for ongoing and consistent outreach.”

-Brigid Reynolds, Senior Planner of Compass Rose Planning Services

Learn more about Momentum.

Consulting Website Template Kit Home page

Consulting Website Template Kit consists of worksheets, templates, video trainings, and a book (Productize Yourself: The Consultant’s Guide To Attracting Clients Through Your Website) to help B2B consultants build a lead-generating consulting website. It walks you through each step of the process: research, writing, design, and marketing.

Unique Differentiator: Unlike most consulting website templates, Consulting Website Template Kit teaches you the most important aspects of creating a lead-generating consulting website. It’s designed by a consultant, for consultants who don’t just want their website to look good — but to generate prospective clients for their business.

Investment: $497

Client Results

“Tsavo has taken a complicated subject and made it easy to understand. I found the step-by-step course easy to follow and very informative. I would certainly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to save time and money by getting a client-centric website right the first time.”

-Jim Miller, Consultant

“I have updated my website using your template. I can say it is a 100% improvement even without adding the extra content! I love the way it all flows and works together. Your template challenged me to rethink the way I represent my business online.”

-Charles D, Consultant

“The videos, examples, and book really helped. I’ll have my website up next week. I’m tweaking the content based on your guidance.”

-Dr Dana W, Consultant

Learn more about Consulting Website Template Kit.

hourly billing is nuts

Hourly Billing Is Nuts is a book, bundle, and group coaching program by Jonathan Stark. At its core, the program is about how freelancers and consultants can price their services more effectively and better manage client projects. The “Complete Bundle + Coaching” version consists of the book several videos, a group coaching community, and a coaching resource library.

Investment: $249 for the Complete Bundle + Coaching

strategy u

Strategy U Is a four-week course designed by a former strategy consultant. He created the course to help people understand, practice, and implement the principles of strategy consulting. In the course, he teaches the frameworks & principles consultants use in the field to make insightful and persuasive recommendations to clients. Strategy U consists of lectures, assignments, interviews, and checklists.

Investment: $497 for self-paced, $997 with hands-on coaching.


Created by Stacy Ennis, her Best-Selling Writing Course teaches one of the most essential habits for consultants to develop: a writing habit. The course is structured as a five-day challenge to build your writing routine. And after completing the course, her students have launched brands, added new revenue streams, started & finished their books — forming a habit that transformed their lives.

Investment: $127

built to sell

Based on the book Built To Sell by John Warrillow, the online course version is an interactive, video-based training program. Each of the eight videos teaches you a unique strategy for driving up the value of your business. The course consists of 32 videos, quizzes, done-for-you templates, and worksheets.

Investment: $29.95

trust based selling

Trust-based Selling is a video course from the authors of the Trusted Advisor book, Charles Green. This course teaches sales from a position of earning your client’s trust instead of seeing the relationship as transactional. The course consists of assessments, video lessons, workbooks, and a personalized action plan to help you sell more effectively.

Investment: $249

clients for life

Building Your Clients For Life is a bundle of individual courses offered by Andrew Soebel, a business development expert and author of Clients For Life. Each course is designed to help you master key client development skills. The courses include video trainings, audio lessons, summary videos, application worksheets, and quizzes.

Investment: $897 for the entire bundle, $99 for individual courses

portfolio that shows your value

This course, offered by Malin Lernhammar on Skillshare, helps you create a portfolio of your work to help you attract new clients. The course includes video lectures and a workbook to help you implement what you learn and launch your portfolio on your website.

Investment: $168 a year for Skillshare

management consulting specialization

Management Consultant Specialization is a 5-course series that covers the basics of the consulting industry. It’s taught by John Kim, a management consultant and full-time faculty at Emory’s Goizueta Business School. Offered on Coursera, the course consists of over 35 hours of video course material.

Investment: $399 per year for Coursera

most effective way to sell consulting

In this course by Debbie LaChusa, she offers sales training that helps consultants win business without doing free work or creating proposals. The course includes 7 sections: 19 lectures, 2 articles, 10 resources, and a certification.

Investment: $20-$120 through Udemy

How To Choose The Right Consulting Course

Consulting courses are in endless supply.

Which one you decide to invest in depends on your budget, challenges, and desired results.

If you’re looking for the best consulting course, we recommend our Clarity Coaching program.


Because it’s more than just a course: it’s multiple courses PLUS hands-on coaching where you receive a customized strategic growth plan for your business and a community of like-minded consultants.


With Clarity Coaching, we’re building the last consulting course you’ll ever need. We’re constantly adding new modules and lessons to it so that it covers all bases.

We’ll work hands-on with you to develop a strategic plan and then dive deep and work through your ideal client clarity, strategic messaging, consulting offers, fees and pricing, business model optimization, and help you to set up your marketing engine and lead generation system to consistently attract ideal clients.

You’ll learn how to generate more profit with every project you take on — and how to land more clients than ever before. Learn more about Clarity Coaching and get in touch to talk about your situation and goals.

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